Riding on Salt full version

Here's the full product from our expedition to a place never touched by any other kiteboarder. This is a different concept of what we know within the sport, opening doors and peeking what's in them is our passion! Enjoy :)

Riding on Salt

By searching the most remote and interesting locations to take kiteboarding, together with Red Bull we found a salt platform on the middle of the ocean. For the 1st time in the sport we rode on salt, literally! That was quite an unique experience, one that I will never forget. Here's a little action teaser to wrm up for the 6'video coming out soon! here's the link to the video: http://win.gs/TGNaq7

Rise or Fall

A new video showing our lives on the road, what competitions means to us and more :) https://vimeo.com/45225989

The Netherlands!!

3rd event of the year and this time we go to the land of tulips, windmills, cows, stroopwafels and big names in kiteboading. This is the event that I was the most exited to go so far on this 2012 season, mainly because it’s the home of Mystic, they are a family to me now and it’s always good see family, specially if they are crazy like this one:) Since day one I felt really good in the Netherlands and on that day we got wind for the competition straight away within2 days we had finished trials and the single elimination, boom really fast for a comp that should be a lot of waiting around. The waiting did come eventually and the wind didn’t really show up until the very last day and only for a few hours. Luckily I made the most of those few days of wind and secured the first place, this is my second win on the year giving me the lead of the overall ranking. On the days with no wind I went up to Amsterdan for a studio shoot with Mystic and happened to walk in one of the coolest and good vibe office/studio I’ve ever been to, the boys from Deep Thought Productions did well on their set up, they even have some electric guitars and amplifiers in there. I also attended the premier for the movie Hidden Lines staring Dutch kitebaorders Youri Zoon, Kevin Langaree and Denish stunt rider Nick Jacobsen that as the key to the puzzle, if you have chance watch it! It’s really funny, good riding, top editing and cool music. Now I’m sitting in a calm beach in Greece with all of the Mystic team for another eventful photoshoot after a mad mission to pack after the podium yesterday and drive at 3:00 am for the airport, only when I was looking forward for some piece and quiet ☺ .

60 segundos

Olha os meus 60 segundos no site da Red Bull, hahaha muito engra├žado!

New video for the Bruna Kajiya Shadow

here's a video for my harness Promodel, the Bruna Kajiya Shadow, it was filmed in Cape Town in one of the most challenging spots there, enjoy :)
today I woke up to cloudy skies here in Tarifa, as the day unfold the sun slowly came out and turned into a beautiful afternoon. We took a stroll in "old town"Tarifa and this is what we got!
The gate to old town
Please get me out of here!
Alex on little Amsterdan shop, guess what's inside!?
Cool new hat!?
"Boys with the orchid"
The moon's house
treat time!
20 euros worth of goods please
Spanish baked treats
and mine...
I want one!!!
The best part of the day
Last but not least, the cutest boy in the whole wide world :)